We are a full-service Digital Marketing Agency and creativity fuels our work

We are working with the client and in clients’ best interest and this is why our creative process starts with only one question: WHAT ARE YOUR NEEDS? Our values are what defines us and differentiate us from companies providing similar services.

COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMERS Keeping our clients happy is our no.1 ingredient. We listen, engage and create! ETHICS AND HONESTY A relationship without honesty and ethics will end. We find the right answers together so that it will suit your best interests.

ADAPTABILITY Our team is agile, flexible and resourceful. We are not afraid to try new ideas, to change! EXCELLENCE AND QUALITY This is our core focus. Quality of our projects above all else.

  • Raluca Messai diARK

    Raluca Messai

    Brand Strategist, kind of dorky, a lot stubborn, and intensely curious.

  • Anca Chitoran diARK

    Anca Chitoran

    Visual storyteller, spreading laughs and good ideas.

  • Anamaria Ursu diARK

    Anamaria Ursu

    The human version of Shazam, popular culture enthusiast, Instagram guru.

  • Razvan Barbulescu diARK

    Razvan Barbulescu

    Facing the unknown with a creative approach, office part-time singer.

  • Alexandra Munteanu diARK

    Alexandra Munteanu

    Art lover & writing enthusiast. Hip Hop connoisseur. Might make awkward jokes.

Creativity fuels our work

When signing with diARK, you’re signing with people, not with their job titles! And we know that in life its people working with people what makes great business relationships!

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