How to public speak like a boss

How to public speak like a boss

Some are scared of heights. Some are terrified of spiders and bugs. Some of us are scared of ghosts. But one thing is certain. Besides all these fears, the vast majority is scared of public speaking at some point. Lots of people looking at you, expecting you to say something valuable, not to stutter, to be confident and coherent. However, this looks scarier than it really is. For real. Because we want to break the myth of public speaking being scary, today we will guide you through some steps & prep tips that will make you a Ted Talker in no time. No more sweaty hands, no more trembling. Let’s do it!

Step #1: Fake it till you make it!

Nervousness is normal. Emotions are a big part of ourselves & we don’t really have to ignore them. Learn your speech until you don’t have to think about it anymore. Practice in the mirror, check your papers as many times as you need. Imagine a fake audience and speak to them until you don’t feel pressure no more.

Step #2: Get to know your audience.

The speech is all about your audience. Are they youngsters? Are they adults? What’s their background? In order to be clearly understood, you need to build a tailored presentation, one your audience will enjoy. If your audience is mainly elders and you come with a Gen Z speech, they might not get everything right and they might as well get bored quickly. Same goes both ways. Prepare for your audience, think about them, what they want to hear?

Step #3: First impression matters.

As in every other meeting, first impression really counts. Make sure you grab their attention in first 30 seconds of your speech. Start with a powerful statement or with an intriguing question that will get its answer by the end of your presentation. Create a storyline that will keep people curious and interested.

Step #4 Let your authenticity shine.

People love authenticity. The little flaws make you credible & liked. Psychologically speaking, people tend to bond easier with people that resemble them. Remember that, at the end of the day, you are talking to people just like you. We’re all nervous, we all make mistakes, so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Just let your true self out, let your authenticity shine.

Step #5 Try not to read too much.

Learn your presentation/speech well. It’s okay to have a cardboard with some notes, but try not to read too often from it. If you have a PowerPoint support, try not to look at it too much. Keep eye contact, interact with the crowd, present your statement like you are talking in a group of people you know.

Step #6 Mind the nonverbal communication.

What makes a person outstanding and what really catches your attention when someone’s talking? Their nonverbal gestures. Either we’re talking about voice modulation or hands gestures, the nonverbal communication often transmits more than the verbal one. Pay attention to your position, don’t stay still, move around the place, make eye contact with people in the room and talk with your hands as well.

Still nervous about your next speech? No problem. It’s okay. Just remember some of the steps we presented above and we assure you, it will be just fine. Be yourself, be authentic & learn your material well.

Till next time,

diARK team

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