Why Employer Branding helps you make it or break it

Why Employer Branding helps you make it or break it

As a company's reputation is now more important than ever, Employer Branding is a must! In fact, studies have shown that 86% of workers would not apply for or continue working for a company with a negative reputation among former employees or the general public. It’s no secret that you, as a business executive, end up spending a considerable amount of your time developing a compelling, enticing brand story for your products or services. But how much time do you devote to cultivating a strong employer brand in order to attract and retain top talent?

To put it lightly, Employer Branding is the method by which you market your company to prospective and current employees. Better Employer Branding increases the likelihood of attracting top talent. In addition, a positive employer brand can aid in the retention of top talent.

Suppose you've done an excellent job establishing a strong brand for your products or services. Unfortunately, that alone will not convince someone to join or remain with your organization. You must implement the same branding strategy when communicating the leadership, values, and culture of your company.

The secret is to look at Employer Branding as storytelling! It is not sufficient to tell your employees and the general public that your company is a great place to work because, for example, it has ping-pong tables. You have to come up with a selling story, that embodies your company’s values, your strong points, and so on.

A strong Employer Branding strategy can help you attract more qualified candidates, reduce hiring expenses, and decrease employee turnover. These are some of the most important stages of Employer Branding:

1. Awareness. Your scope should be making people aware of your brand and learn about prospective career opportunities. They should become interested in this kind of information and want to learn more about you, things than can rather easily be done through setting up a Career page, creating engaging job descriptions or being present on various social media platforms.

2. Consideration. Focus on convincing people to apply and proceed with their application process! In order to do that, look further than job descriptions and let your core principles and passions guide you! Be a real support to your applicants and send them confirmation emails, gather testimonials, if the opportunity arises and, most importantly, thoroughly prepare your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), a concise explanation of your offerings for employees that opt to work for you!

3. Decision. As happy as you might be that the applicant has chosen your job offer, don’t forget to ensure their on boarding! Send them an offer letter, a welcome kit, as well as much needed training materials.

4. Retention. If you’ve managed to find your ideal fit, you have to focus on keeping them. Employees should be awarded for their achievement and their feedback should be taken into account! Some ways of keeping your employees consist of creating a company newsletter, that will keep them engaged, offering them small tokens of appreciation, as well as celebrating birthdays and various milestones.

5. Post – employment. As an employer, you become a great part of someone’s life. Each such relationship is unique and should be mutually beneficial, thus, once an employee decides to make a change or take a new step in their career, don’t forget to thank them for their hard work and conduct an exit interview, through which all insights, either good or bad, should be taken into account and carefully analyzed.

Each brand is unique, thus, each Employer Branding strategy is different. Focus on highlighting your high reel, values and achievements and, if you encounter any trouble in doing so, or need the help of a professional, do not hesitate to contact us! We’ll for sure listen to you, find the quintessence of your business!

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