Creativity and how to feed it

Creativity and how to feed it

In a world of ads, briefs, projects and campaigns, creativity seems to be the most valuable and demanded asset. Choosing the right words, creating a charming and relatable overall picture, using the most appropriate tools and mediums to make a point, all of these depend on a high creativity level. But being a creative person isn’t the only thing that’s going to come in handy when working in a creative environment. Being able to guide your creative side rationally, organizing your creative thoughts in a certain manner and self-educating yourself to achieve the best version of the thing you are working on are aspects that are as important as creativity itself.

Is creativity something you learn? How can we improve it and what should we focus on when undergoing a creative process? Let’s find out together.

Curiosity is the first step

For all the curious people out there, eagerly wanting to learn more about various subjects, natively interested about the unknown, the first step is the easiest one. Being curious by default will push you onto finding out more and more information, building therefore a whole `collection` of key insights, fun facts and references that will definitely come in handy when you are least expected.

Ask questions

Take advantage of every opportunity and ask questions all the time. By thoroughly understanding the whole subject, you will be able to play with various concepts and reach out a more documented and creative outcome. Make sure that, before starting your investigation, you clearly define what exactly you want to achieve so you can articulate your questions right.

Read, read, read

Reading plays a key role in extending and further developing a functional creative side and goes hand in hand with curiosity. Here, every genre matter and they all provide you with valuable information. After stocking up on facts, discovering new authors and getting yourself all the motivational readings out there, all you need to do is connect the dots and you got yourself a different and relevant point of view for your future projects.

Challenge yourself

Let’s try a fun exercise! Write down on a piece of paper one of your strongest beliefs, something like `FRIENDS is the best TV show out there`. Done that? Ok, now try and come up with counterarguments for this statement and build on them. This little exercise will help you notice and better understand different beliefs, even using them in your future creative work.

Step out of your comfort zone

We all know that nothing good comes out of comfort zones. Accepting new challenges, coming up with actions plans for domains you are little familiar with will push you onto digging deeper into that subject and will stimulate your brain to come up with a connection that you can further work on. So never turn down a challenge like this because at the end of the day, you will have gained so much more than just experience!

Don’t wait up and jump into this creativity rollercoaster. It’s fun, we promise you that!

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