Marketing & Psychology? The perfect duo!

Marketing & Psychology? The perfect duo!

Don’t we all wish for an upgrowing business and an engaged community? Infinite lists of marketing concepts are living in the Google database, but today we’re giving you some ideas that might be as enlightening as they are hard to find.

Psychology is all about the human brain, human behaviour & traits. Marketing is all about promoting your business, selling your products and making them as appealing as possible. Here’s the connection: what about a marketing strategy that is focused on YOUR audience, on how they think, they behave, on their exact buying or consuming behaviour?


There are some interesting strategies that marketers use to attract their audience, to engage them and to make them buy their products. One of these strategies is the so-called Priming.

Priming is a method of subconsciously preparing someone to make a decision or association. In a comprehensive manner, you can use pictures, words & sounds to induce a buying instinct. For example, showing pictures of money might enhance the possibility that someone will think they need your financial services.

Another popular strategy is the Social Proofing. This psychological phenomenon states that a person is more likely to adopt a behaviour if this behaviour is presented by a trusted source/group. This is why most of the companies choose to work with celebrities or influencers.


65% of the people worldwide are visual learners. It means that 65% of the global population will better remember something by seeing a representation of it.

Taking this into account, the colour psychology might be what you needed to attract your audience.

What is colour psychology? It is an area of research that looks at how colour influences our behaviour and the decision-making process. It states that different colours may influence your audience into buying your product.

Here are the different triggers that every colour implies:


  • Triggers powerful emotions, both positive & negative
  • Creates a sense of urgency, emergent in the sales business;
  • Stimulates the appetite, this is why it’s used in food & drinks ads


  • Generates a feeling of warmth, because its association with sun;
  • It is considered bright, light and fun, which is why it can be associated with non-corporate brands;
  • It’s the colour that most people consider „cheap” but that’s all right, if this is what you want to promote (a cheap product, cheaper than other, etc.)


  • It represents youthfulness, happiness & fun;
  • The strong positive emotions are offset with logistical challenges (used for creating a contrast);
  • Can be powerful when used in contrast with a darker shade.


  • A relaxing colour, that’s appealing to the eye and mimics healthy vibes;
  • People tend to have a strong primitive relationship with green, as it represents life;
  • While it is known in the Pharma & Bio-organic food industries, it can also be used to stimulate a feeling of financial growth and prosperity.


  • Has a very calming effect on the mind;
  • It is the colour of strength, wisdom and trust;
  • It is a safe option, but won’t make your brand stand up from the crowd.


  • It is the colour of superiority, widely associated with royalty
  • It might be a sign for excess and extravagance so, be careful with it;
  • Shades of purple can inspire moody & feminine vibes.


  • Widely used to portray feminity;
  • It might give youth to a formal brand;
  • It is a positive colour, inspiring hope and comfort.


  • A powerful colour, that inspires luxury and power;
  • Well suited for some industries (Fashion) but not so good for others (Health).


  • A modern colour, that inspires calmness;
  • If well used, it can offer a simple but sleek look.

Still looking for a change for your brand? Drop us a line and we will come up with the most delicious ideas for you!

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