How online events have stolen the thunder

How online events have stolen the thunder

When it comes to organising an event, things might get stressful and time-consuming. Plenty of details have to be planned, from finding the location that best matches the content of your event and all the way to security measures that need to be taken care of. However, live events still managed to gain larger audiences and generate a greater impact before 2020 turned into a thriller.

Then COVID-19 happened and everything needed to change. Our favourite events got cancelled and we had to accept the fact that, at least for a few months, we won’t get the chance to enjoy ourselves with 100, 1000 or 10 000 other people talking, singing, dancing or nearby.

In these times, online events gained even more ground, due to people’s attempt to save the gatherings they had previously planned before the strict regulations that came into effect. Could they become the thing that we all waited for? Less stress, no public speaking anxiety, what could go wrong? Nothing! Well, at least we hope so.

In the last month, we have been delighted to attend and observe some of the most attractive online events done in these times, here in our country. In the following lines, we will introduce you into the world of staggering online events.


Nostalgia is one of our dearest concepts. 90s music, retro vibes, vintage expositions, you name it and they have it all! And because they wanted to be close to their audience even in this social distancing landscape, they organised an online Zoom party called „The show must go home”.

The only rule at that party was to have your camera active, so they can record some of the best moments. And we are so happy that they implemented this rule, because on their Facebook timeline you can see all the funny highlights of the party, where people forgot about their problems and just had fun for a bit.

The outcome? 402 people really kicked it off together, dancing and having a good time in their own improvised dancefloor in the living-room.


When it comes to entertainment, it’s no news by now that it was one of the most affected fields in this Corona time. Our beloved actors, however, are not putting a hold on their desire to entertain. This is how „Discutabil” was born. 7 professional actors decided that they can’t stay away from acting, so they created this series where each one of them is impersonating a classic typology of mindset during coronavirus: the hypochondriac, the conspiracy theorist, the divorced one etc.

The Facebook page where the show takes place managed to achieve over 7K followers since it launched at the end of March 2020. We sincerely recommend you to look up for it, because it will surely make you laugh your soul out.


Yes, the saddest part of this urgency state was the cancelling of all festivals. We feel you and we’re pretty bummed out as well!

Untold decided that they need to remain close to the people & take away a bit of this overall sadness. This is why they organised an online festival for one night, on 1st of May, both on TV and Zoom, where they invited numerous artists to perform in a live streaming session.

People had an awesome time listening to some of their favourite artists and surely got their mind off a bit from the situation. Over 160K people joined each room available on Zoom and partied till sunrise so we say the event was really a blast.


We talked a bit earlier about some of the advantages that are coming with online events planning. In the following, we will present to you some facts on why online events might be as cool as the live ones.

  • You need your attendees’ data and analytics

            With an online event, everything is scalable with the right tools – how many people joined, how long they stayed, were they engaged? etc.

  • Cost-effectiveness

            This is easy to get – no money spent on location renting, food or any other supplies.

  •  Video is a great way of explaining

             Sharing your screen is one of the easiest way of presenting your ideas – now without the long pauses of you standing there, changing slides and trying to make everything as smooth as possible.

  • Higher engagement

            30% of people are more likely to speak to a person in a virtual space, so let’s wave goodbye to public speaking anxiety.

Taking all these into consideration, why delay your next event? Make it online, and if you need some guidance, we’re here to give you a hand!

Till next time,

diARK Team 

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