CSR - or how to create campaigns that spread social responsibility

CSR - or how to create campaigns that spread social responsibility

Nowadays, the concept of social responsibility is one of the greatest focus points for numerous business owners, being integrated quite often in various communication campaigns, with focus equally on increasing the company’s revenue and generating a social impact. From a marketing point of view, CSR might be one of the greatest way to practice creativity while contributing to the wellbeing of a particular segment of the society. And not because these kind of campaigns are seen in a positive light, but because you can raise awareness in a way that will differentiate you from all your competitors and therefore manage to be remembered by your audience.

How CSR campaigns can do you good?

CSR can bring lots of benefits to the table. Let’s stress out some of the most significant ones:

More recognition & loyalty from your customers. Doing good can do you good, one of them being remembrance, acknowledgement for what you have done for a particular cause. If your company supports a cause that people might find close to their heart, be sure they might turn into keepers and stick around with you more because they feel they could resonate with you.

A positive reputation. Contributing to the wellbeing of our society will enhance some of your traits such as reliability, trust or commitment and therefore built you a positive reputation in the industry you’re operating into.

Opportunities ahead. Identifying a particular need in this field of social responsibility and trying to come up with viable solutions in order to satisfy that need could help you innovate and become a benchmark for your fellow colleagues. So have a little bit of courage and trust your instincts! Plenty of opportunities can be born this way.

How did some of our favorite brands manage to stay relevant in a world full of campaigns militating for the same purposes? Keep on reading to find out!

The Lacoste Save our Species Campaign

Through this 2019 campaign, Lacoste supported IUCN’s work regarding protecting nature and wildlife by replacing the long-established crocodile logo with endangered species of animals and producing a limited number of t-shirts, corresponding to the actual number remaining in the wild. In total, there were only 3,520 t-shirts containing logos with ten different species in 2019.

The Lego Build the Change Campaign

It all started with a letter sent by a 9 year-old to the Lego headquarters, who confessed: ‘When I grow up, I want my kids to grow up in a healthy world’. And since children can be such an inspiring source of information, offering us a different, yet simple point of view regarding the world we live in, Lego had the beautiful initiative to involve children in an easy, yet stimulating exercise. Therefore, they organised a series of events around the globe and gave kids a voice to tackle various challenges they face, planning on transforming these events into be a place where kids can creatively explore and collaborate on solving problems, while also discovering their passions and shaping their way of thinking.

The Disney’s Protect the Pride Campaign

With the occasion of the Disney’s The Lion King movie release, the Walt Disney Company had the beautiful initiative of launching the ‘Protect the Pride’ campaign, dedicated to raising awareness and offer support to the lion population across Africa that becomes smaller and smaller as time passes. Therefore, Disney donated over 2.9 million dollars to the Wildlife Conservation Network’s (WCN) Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) and its partners, and will make additional grants as well as invite fans to participate and help increase the donation—for a total contribution of up to $3 million. Plus, fans are also invited to contribute with donations in order to support Disney’s cause.

Do you have a favorite CSR campaign? Make sure to share it with us because we sure do love a good, motivational read.

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