Inbound Marketing, a short story

Inbound Marketing, a short story

Floating between a concept and a methodology, inbound marketing was a revolutionary idea when it came to life, changing at 180 degrees the perspectives that we had until then. But…

What is inbound marketing?

#1 the process of attracting the clients by showing them a relevant content that will offer value at every step of the buying process

#2 a strategic approach in marketing, that is focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content, in order to attract and maintain an audience which will finally lead to sales

#3 a business plan meant to attract clients by creating adapting experiences for the audience

#4 content marketing with a clear methodology that shows exactly how a person travels from the discovering stage, all the way to buying.

This journey consists in three steps: awareness, consideration and decision.

Let’s say we are spying Tim. Tim is a guy that works from 9 to 17 in a corporation. One day, he wakes up and starts to iron his shirt and tie, but he discovers that his iron doesn’t work as it usually did. He panics, because he can’t go to work with a wrinkled shirt, therefore he picks up his phone and opens Google Search. He types in “iron” and the first thing that pops out is one of our Google Ads for irons. He clicks, he sees the images and a short text that is meant to make him really want to add that iron to cart. Therefore, he adds it to his cart, simply makes the payment and his iron is on the way.

This is what inbound marketing does. It anticipates the needs and switches the approach, so that the brand won’t go directly and aggressively to the client, but the other way around. First, the client becomes aware of his problem – the iron is now broken, then he considers buying a new one and finally, after our ad pops out, he makes the decision to buy it.

What benefits could you get with this methodology, you might ask.

#1 high quality lead generation

#2 a marketing strategy that is cost effective

#3 long term relationships with the customers

#4 brand awareness & recognition

#5 educating prospects at every point 

Finally, there are many tools that will ease your way to inbound marketing. Tools make your life easier in general, but with inbound marketing, they won’t only make it simple, but they will help you reach a greater amount of clients. From web pages, landing pages, Google Ads and Social Media, all the way to CRM, SEO and Analytics, keep in mind to make the best out of these tools and to implement them in your overall strategy.

If you're finding yourself in need for a marketing strategy, count on us!

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