The era of TikTok - why is it so catchy?

The era of TikTok - why is it so catchy?

We spend an important amount of our free time online. Whether we’re watching a movie on Netflix, scrolling throughout Facebook to see the latest news or watching some Insta stories, we choose to get our information and entertainment from online platforms, unlike our parents who were counting on the TV, radio or local newspapers. And, from time to time, our basic routine is being disrupted by some new platforms, that quickly manage to create a big hype around them and gain a lot of users in a short period of time. That’s when the fear of missing out kicks in and we quickly act on it. We go on the App Store, download and install that one app that’s the real superstar these days and then figure out what’s so special about it.

Guys, welcome to the story about how the TikTok addiction begins.

So, what’s TikTok?

Basically, TikTok is an app for creating and sharing short videos. Their format is tall (9:16) and you navigate through them simply scrolling up or down. The users on this platform have a lot of options when it comes to generating content: a lot of filters (like Snapchat or Instagram), sounds that match the videos, challenges and features that come in handy when you want to interact with others. You can ‘create’ short scenarios using sounds from TV shows, movies or other viral videos on the Internet, you can be the creative mind behind a new challenge or you can show off some of your best skills. The options are unlimited, while the app is user-friendly and easy to interact with.

Also, you won’t believe this, but hashtags play a vital role on TikTok and, if properly used, might make you famous overnight and get straight into the For you section.

When it comes to demographics, find out that 66% of all of the TikTok users are under the age of 30-years-old, with 60% of the app's monthly users being between 16 and 24. We’re talking about a younger, more concentrated audience. This fact has numerous benefits, such as creating a common language that every user understands, with a lot of popular culture references that are easier to follow.

TikTok is all about you

Probably, one of the first reason people are so drawn to this app is because the selection of content it displays for its users. If you go on TikTok, you’ll notice that the primary page is called For you. There, you’ll interact with a selection of videos based on content you’ve interacted with before. Basically, TikTok is constantly finding out new things about you and, based on those findings, assumes you might like content similar or related to that.

It’s like Instagram would be all about the “Explore” tab or Twitter all about trending topics or viral tweets. Kinda cool, isn’t it?

It’s simply addictive

Remember those times when Vines kicked in and we spent all of our time watching those short, funny videos? Well, the mechanism might be the same and the addiction is undeniable. TikTok surely managed to successfully fill in the void that Vine left after it was closed in 2016. Of course, like any other apps, it has its target audience that might be attracted to it more than anybody else, but the curiosity to see what might come up next manages to keep other people scrolling up, video after video, eager to see something new that might interest them.

It’s cringe and this is actually a benefit

Who would’ve thought cringing might make you feel good about yourself? Find out that, according to journalist Melissa Dahl, who spent two years studying awkwardness, awkward situations are something that everyone has experienced. Embracing them, talking about them and even making a video on TikTok about them will eventually make us feel a little less isolated and will help us connect with other folks through our mutual human absurdity.

Should brands use it?

If you plan on talking to the youngsters, TikTok is probably the best place to start. As we previously mentioned, a greater part of TikTok’s target audience is made of users between 16 and 24. We’re talking high expectations, shorter attention span and a more relaxed attitude. In order to draw their attention, brands should adapt their message and deliver it in the right place. Joining a new social media platform is all about adapting yourself to what’s currently trending and following those who follow you in a medium where they feel confident enough to express themselves.

By joining TikTok and creating content for this platform, brands get the opportunity to show a softer, funnier and more childish side when it comes to their target audience. They get the chance to be more personal, to offer people a sneak-peak into something they might be fond of and to get really creative with a considerably lower budget.

And a lot of brands do it. NBA does it, Guess is rocking it and even The Washington Post is creating awesome content on it. And how could they not do a great job when the opportunities are quite vast and challenging? We’re talking brand takeovers, hashtag challenges, influencer campaigns or even branded filters.

So, scroll away, folks, and enjoy the multi-faceted content you can find on TikTok!

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