The power of Copywriting

The power of Copywriting

Ever wondered what would Marketing and Communication be like without Copywriting? Perhaps like a good visual without text or a text without an image. For us, Copywriting can be like a form of art. Words are part of our daily lives. We constantly use them on sites, social media, in emails, and see them all around us. It is known that when you choose the right words, your messages can become stronger and people will be able to make certain associations with your brand even without getting to know about your activity first.

This is why the way in which you communicate is extremely important. The design is almost as important as the message you want to transmit, but words can change the way you perceive an image and change its meaning. When you start looking at things from this perspective, finding the right artist for your business suddenly becomes a very important thing to do. A skilful copywriter can be the master of words that you need if you seek to position yourself on the market and make yourself known to the target audience.

To help you with the selection process, we have a strategy that we recommend using if you are looking for a good copywriter.

Check their portfolio

When you are prospecting the market, it is vital to check the complexity of the marketing agencies' portfolio or freelancer. If what you find is different industry-specific content written in different styles, then you are in the right place. It is good to discover copywriters that are specialized in a particular field, but remember that someone who can write in several styles for different industries can be the right person for you. Adaptability is a highly sought quality in Marketing, so the best portfolio may be the one that is characterized by the variety of topics covered, and the style of writing.

Talk to them

In general, the communication with the copywriter is based on email. Ideally, you should know the person you work with. Because a face-to-face meeting is usually time consuming, we believe that a phone / Skype chat can be a great alternative to get you to know potential collaborators better. Ask questions about the field in which they worked, the level of experience as well as their availability. One more thing, very often a good copywriter is also a good storyteller. If you like his personality, if he he/she has an ease in communicating, then it becomes likely that these qualities are will also be translated your content.

Prepare the idea of ​​your project

Usually, before you ask a designer to decorate your house, you give him some instructions, otherwise the designer will do something of his liking and you might not like the final result. Copywriters cannot read minds and they need insights from the industry too and your goals to know that what they produce will fit into your company's marketing mix. That's why it is truly important to know that a copywriter will know in the beginning only what you will communicate. The research and the copywriting part begins only after you share your ideas.

Pay for a draft

If you want something very specific, ask for a copy from the copywriter or from the agency that you intend to collaborate with, after discussing with them your goals, of course. In this way, you will be able to judge whether you like the style in which the content is written and it can help you can make a decision.

Build a relationship

Finally, what matters most is to develop a relationship based on trust with the person or agency that you will choose. Also, try to communicate in a transparent way and have trust in the specialists that you will work with. They are specialized in this field and and are familiar with the market trends and will use your ideas to build something of quality.

What do you think, how important are words? To give you food for thought, try to check how much time you spend when you have to decide what post descriptions to pick for your Social Media posts.

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