What is your brand’s personality?

What is your brand’s personality?

Think of your favourite brand. Why do you like it and what is the general feeling that it transmits to you?

Marketers had long known that consumers associated human qualities to their favorite brands. Thus, helping to define and shape this personality has become an essential role played by marketing specialists. While it is easy to copy a product, it is harder to copy the personality, so if you want to differentiate yourself from the competitors, having an adapted content and the right key message is crucial.

The first rigorous theory of a brand personality has been written by Stephen King, the Planning Director of JWT London, in 1971. King recommended that advertisers build their brands around human personality traits in order to make them more appealing to the customers and consumers. He argued that the physical product, the packaging and all the elements of communication - name, style, advertising, pricing, promotions, and so on - must be blended into a single brand personality.

Today, it seems obvious that having a personality that people relate to will make a brand more successful. Consumers are more receptive and relate more to those brands that embody a unique and strong personality trait. For instance, there can be little doubt that it was its rugged cowboy persona that turned Marlboro into the world’s most famous cigarette brand.

King’s theory grew steadily in popularity until it gained near-universal acceptance, one of its main applications being to ensure consistency in brand communications. The theory also assists marketers in creating differentiation for their brands, since a personality can help a brand stand out from its competitors and create a sustainable competitive advantage. While it is easy to copy a product, it is harder to copy a personality.

Ever since 1971, more theories have been developed and define core dimensions of a brand’s personality or even borrow theories originating from psychology and philosophy, if we are referring to names like Carl Jung.

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