Inspiration of the day

Inspiration of the day

Inspiration comes from everything, every single day. It starts the moment we wake up, open our eyes and try to become aware of our surroundings. As we struggle to get all the details together and while the coffee is brewing, we check our phones, we use certain products and brands and some of us might even watch later some TV commercials while sipping from the freshly made cup of coffee.

This year, we had the pleasant surprise of starting the day with some amazing campaigns. We have to share them with you and perhaps shed some light on the power of advertising. It can unite, it can change and it can transform our lives.

We all win

First things first. We will start with a wonderful campaing devised by McCann New York for the promotion of the new Microsoft Xbox adaptive controller. This brought them the Cannes Brand Experience & Activation Grand Prix. The cleverly named Microsoft's Super Bowl ad: We all win featuring the new controller has been largely appreciated for its beautiful message: there is something possible for each and everyone of us. Watching this inspiration story of young gamers finally being able to play as they always knew they could and upping their game made us appreciate the power that technology can have upon our lives. „When everybody plays, we all win”. You have to see this ad!

E.V.A: Equal Vehicles for All

Another very powerful and eye opening integrated campaign that we were impressed with was thought by Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg. What is the message behind E.V.A: Equal Vehicles for All? Unfortunately, statistics show that women, teenagers and children suffer more severe or deadly injuries in car accidents than men. This happens mainly because test dummies are based on the average weight and proportions of the male body and consequently safety features are optimised for men. This however, does not provide the same level of protection to women and children. Besides showing how much attention Volvo puts in to improve the overall safety of every single driver, this campaign also shares their research with the entire automobile industry. We have to appreciate the transparency of this ad and we are grateful that it wasn’t kept as a secret. This way, we can all live in a safer world!

Nike Air Max Graffiti Store

We have to share with you the Nike Air Max Graffiti Stores campaign, created by AKQA. It’s really smart and insightful and it shows how important culture is for this brand and how inspiration can come from literally everyhing. The insight was that Nike’s Air Max shoes are visibly embedded in the street culture of cities, all across the globe. The fans were introduced to the new Air Max line in Sao Paolo with a unique shopping experience. Nike partnered with the Brazilian stree-art collective Instagraffiti to place shoes on the feet of the most representative graffiti characters of the city. The customers were able to purchase the shoes by simply visiting the walls and using geolocation. This ecommerce platform was also a cultural experience for the Nike Air Fans. They loved it and the sneakers were sold out within minutes! This campaign shows that advertising has the power to create interactive shopping experiences and we want to see more of that!

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