The importance of user generated content

The importance of user generated content

If you want to boost your brand, you have to make the best out of your social media accounts. But how do you do it? Well, first of all, you need to have some stand-out visuals, which although are not easy to achieve all the time, are very important, especially for your followers.

Visuals are key

If you feel that you lack skills for creating beautiful images and time to consider the angles, the lighting, the correct framing, the filters and so many other details, you can always hire a professional to do it for you. But it needs to be done beautifully.


Because your followers and the people who are actively looking at your posts may share your posts with their network. User- generated content is a very authentic way of encouraging others to buy your products or check your page out more often. If you integrate UGC, you can increase your conversion rates, you can have a higher engagement and also have more orders or greater order values!

Lack of authenticity can be a huge menace to your brand, but user-generated content is a game changer solution that can set you apart from those that are failing to do so.

UGC vs Influencer Marketing Campaign

According to a study performed by Stackla, 79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decision and consumers find UGC 9.8x more impactful than influencer content when making purchasing decisions. Yet, in spite of the consumers wanting visual and authentic content, most brands are still choosing to invest in other types of marketing, including influencer marketing.

Popular UGC platforms

While YouTube and Facebook are still the most popular social media platforms amongst adults, millennials and GenZers seem to have differing tastes. Apparently, for people aged 18-24, Snapchat and Instagram are the favourites. So, you should take into account each public and each platform and create qualitative content, especially if you know that most consumers trust the reviews that others make instead of your brand’s own review.

What are the key points that we can we extract from these facts? We believe that it’s very important for brands to provide customers with a personalized experience and invest more in consumer created content. If you aim to create a meaningful connection, that lasts longer and that will make the customer return, it’s imperative you provide a fully authentic experience.

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